In search of a long lost friend


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Hello all, I have been led here in my quest to help restore a BSA sportsman 5 to full working order. Why you might ask?, let me fill you in on this tale. My Grandfather purchased one brand new. My father and my brother have used it over the years. Eventually I did to. Loved it. Ive used quite a variety of .22's now and I just love this rifle. My brother inherited the rifle from my Grandfather. He still uses his on the regular.

I eventually got to the right age, got my arms license and bought one for myself. Single shot only. So at this point my mission is to tidy it up and find a magazine. Find a magazine he says how hard could that be?

Well ive had the rifle since I was 19 and im now 23. I have talked to numerous suppliers, gunsmiths and shops and no such luck. I hope that someone here can help me finish off my search for this magazine.