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I Dropped my EL's on a tiled kitchen floor over a year ago. The lens on one ocular had a small crack and the bonded strap loop on one side was smashed off.

i thought it would mean an insurance claim because I couldn't imagine the repair being less than hundreds of pounds.

i was tardy in sending it off for repair as I mostly use my Zeiss 8x bins in the woods and the EL's were 10x so just didn't get round to doing it untill about 3 weeks ago.

When they arrived at Swaro UK they sent me an acknowledgment letter which I assumed would be followed by a quote for repair. Imagine my surprise today when I answered the door to a DHL courier holding out a box from Swarovski. In it were my fully refurbished and repaired bins (that look new) together with a substantial list of parts used in the repair all with FOC marked against them :D

as others have probably said before, hats off to Swarovski Optic who have the best after sales service of any company I know :tiphat:


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Their service is second to none!

You'll be able to sell them on and get a set of EL Rangfinders now!
Job Done.

(Hope all is well Bud)

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