Has any body been out with Cervus-UK found them on the net and was thinking of booking some stalking,
Thought i would see if any one has used them.

The Farmer

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Hi, been a few times down Oxfordshire, Owen’s a good bloke, you will see plenty down there, lots of fallow and muntjac. If you want to go somewhere were you are pretty much guaranteed of seeing and shooting some deer I would go there. I will be going back.

Roe Hunter

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Not been shooting with them, but did my DSC1 with Peter Pursglove of Cervus Uk. Peter is (or was - not certain if he still is..) chairman of Basc's deer advisory committee. A superbly helpful and very knowledgable guy - works for the Forestry commission, so knows his stuff about deer. If I remember correctly, Owen is a relative of his.

Good luck



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i heard a rumor that owen and peter have parted company, and divided up their leases, not sure if it's true but the adverts in shooting times only list owen now.