information about Aberfolye


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I've just been invited to go stalking for a few days next month on a small bit of land near Aberfoyle in the Trossachs.

Does anyone know anything about the area and what to expect? The landowner has a lot of roe and foxes he wants controlled, but I was wondering if there might be reds in the area.

Any information about the area would be very gratefully recieved.


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Beautiful area to stalk, midges are hellish so be prepared.
Can be quite varied ground, lots of open hill above heavy forest mainly but the low ground great for Roe
Lots of Red around too depending on where you are.
Bit of a tourist trap when the weather is good and many take to the hills.
You will enjoy it, good luck.!


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Thanks for that.

Will the midges still be bad the 2nd week of Sept?

Heres a clue



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The first time I ever came to Scotland, I'd just arrived in the UK from Africa. Was walking the West Highland Way with a school group. Leader warned us in very grave terms about the midges, and said we MUST bring repellant, face nets etc etc.

I was young and foolish: 'tosh! I'm from darkest Africa! I've grown up with tsetse flies and mosquitoes in numbers you can only imagine. You poor weak, bug-fearing Englishmen - I have no need for such trapping of effete civilisation' (or haughty words to that effect).

Oh how I regretted that. I think I cried.


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Plenty of reds in that area. Aberfoyle is a nice little village but very touristy. Plenty of 'Lochs and Glens' buses to annoy you on the narrow lanes.