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Sold: Insulated coverall in realtree - A Thermal Onesie !

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Old tikka

Well-Known Member
A 2XLT insulated "realtree" coverall from Walls in America. Zip front and side leg zips for ease of access. Knitted elasticated cuffs, 2 front pockets 2 back pockets, hand warmer pockets and one internal pocket. Will fit some one up to 6'5" and 46/48 chest. Perfect for sitting up a highseat in this cold weather. Only worn once as I found it a bit tight and got a larger one. In immaculate condition £95 posted

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Monkey Spanker

Well-Known Member
Only you could find a 6'5" suit with a 48" chest a bit tight!:D
I use a similar one for sitting up high seats at this time of year and it is soooooo warm that I can hardly stay awake!
They really are fantastic. Best bit of kit I've ever bought! Keep your body core warm and your extremities also remain toasty!
Have a bump.
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