Insurance again


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Not wanting to hi-jack Wints' thread about insurance, I thought I'd start a new one. Has anyone had the misfortune to need to make a claim from any of the insurance policies offered by the various shooting organisations? No need to go into details of the claims, just the way they were handled by the insurers. It's just a matter of interest and other peoples experiences often help the rest of us avoid the pitfalls.
Cheers, Pete.


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As a full keeper member of the SGA, I had to use the "legal" part of my insurance, this is only payable if you win your case or proven inocent
I was proven inocent and the insurers paid all my legal expenses which were in the thousands.
Without the insurance I could have lost my case and possibly my job and home as well as a possible jail sentance.

The insurers were excellent as well as the SGA lawyers.