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Hi all,

I know this has been discussed before but i couldn't find the post.
i'm looking for shooting/stalking insurance. i am a member of the bds so i don't really want to join BASC (besides i got fed up with there attitude a few years ago).
at present i dont have any insurance but i need to find some. can any of you recomend an insurer.


The Mole

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BDS do a stalkers insurance package - it's worth having a look at their website (under the Training tab).


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i have been with the CPSA for past couple of yrs the hunting/shooting insurance cost £28 per/yr i believe .

it gives you up to £5 millon cover which incorperates all hunting/shooting needs but nothing on horse back. i was thinking of changing to NGA or simular (not BASC).

can members post how much they are paying for their cover and what it gives them........neil


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i think my friend pays about 18 quid with NGO for i think about the same as BASC, i had already renewed my membership so next year 18 quid seems better than 65. will have to look into it a bit more.


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The NGO have put theres up to £30 now and increased the insurance to 10 million as well .I received my notification this morning of direct debit they will be taking the end of the month , still cheaper than BASC MUDDY


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i hav both BASC and BDS
BASC because it is part of the conditions of the club i am associated with
'Heart of England Wildfowlers'
and BDS because i had to join to do my DSC1 with them and never cancelled probaly never will

David BASC

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Hi All,

There are lots of options out there so you have loads of choice. Buy what is best for you- all the shooting associations offer insurance, see what else they offer as well.

Before you buy - get hold of a copy of the insurance policy so you know exactly what you are buying-

Best wishes