Interdigital cyst

norma 308

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My 18 mth lab bitch seems to have developed the above on one of her rear paws between the toes whilst she is not lame the wound hole is open and clean ,I'm gutted really as she has started her training well and looks like this will set her back a bit as she won't be able to come for a few drives each day I shoot Ect
labs are apparently prone to it although I've only encountered it on a gsd before .ive cleaned with hibby scrub and sprayed with the "purple " spray and going to get some preparation H tomorrow .
anyone else encountered these ?


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I had a lab once that seemed prone to these while the other lab that I had at the time seemed never to suffer from them. As Apache says it's a job for the vet or it could worry the dog that much that she starts knawing on it and possibly worst case scenario result in amputation of toes according to my vet.

norma 308

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Took your advise went to my vet and although not infected she has anti inflams and antibiotics if no improvements she will have it removed what a pain as she's coming on nicely but hopefully she'll be fine
Thankyou for yr input

norma 308

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Swelling deteriated But
another came between a front toe and went down after I burst it in a few days I've now used all the antibiotics but have continued with the Terramycin type foot rot spray ( which is my treat all wounds ) and preparation H Hemoroid cream which from my falconry days I know reduces swelling ( we treated all our bird of preys feet to a liberal dose of this to keep the toes and pads supple as they can get pressure points from standing on blocks and perches )
so hopefully I can work her next Saturday if only for a few drives .
it seems the bristley hair between the toes can ingrow causing the cyst type swelling ,she was pretty balled up with mud before this happened which may have caused it ??
Fingers crossed