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Been a while since I grassed an animal and had a break for about 3 years, but I found a badly wounded buck on my permission (at work) last week that had some serious facial and neck injury. A couple of days later I saw this fella being led the dance by a doe and I believe he may have been the culprit. Anyway, my interest and enthusiasm now 100% and made the effort to go and find him tonight.



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Interesting Coalesced head. Usually happens on a very old animal where the coronets get so big that they fuse together. I shot one in Hampshire myself a few years back although it was a 6 pointer. No idea why you think that it injured another buck though? It's tines are not spikes! I would say that that is now more or less likely to have happened than with a standard headed buck?
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There is a prostalker in Hampshire that said to me if I ever had a Buck like that he had clients that would pay a lot of money for it.So you have something special there!!
These seem to get reported here on the Site every couple of years - sometimes questioning whether it is genetic-related or more about age. The answer, I suspect, is that we don't really know. It would be interesting to study the same animal two or three years in succession and see whether the coalescence re-occurred in subsequent years.

Regardless, it's a very unusual head and should take pride of place in any collection.

Many thanks for posting.
Thank you for the comments

Thank you all for the positive comments. I was speaking with the Farm Manager today and he believes he saw the same animal last year whilst lamping foxes so it could be that the same animal had indeed reproduced a similar head on more than one occasion.

In hindsight it would have been nice to follow his progress, but there are too many roads on the permission and invariably he would have been found by the side of one at some stage.

I will update with a better pic when cleaned up.


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Goss, I would like to see his lower jaw to get an idea of age. As already said, I suspect that he was old so you may not have had another chance. You done good!