Into The Wilderness


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If anyone hasn't come across this yet, do yourself a favour and search it out on Youtube.... Pace Brothers ~ Into The Wilderness

Incredible filming, fabulous music and a subject matter that is very well presented and close to all our hearts!

Episode 1 here... the subsequent episodes are all there too:


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I`m sitting back with the cup full of hot coffee and with the rain ****n down outside.
There will be no morning walk for me in the rain so this is very welcome,I hope its good.


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To tell the truth imo it lacked a bit of action,I was really looking forward to this video but was underwhelmed at the end.


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They'll be soaking wet to the skin either with sweat or rain or more probably both wearing the Fortis/Country Covers ****!!! Apart from that it was quite good.


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To be fair I believe Byron & Darryl are trying to get across the ethos of hunting & why we do it .
Also pushing it hard across social media & at general public along with the videos are the podcasts & some topical stuff
I applaud them, as I would anyone else who fighting the antis & trying to educate joe public
Maybe lacks " action" but the quality of cinematography & the message is clear

I'd fight for that


old man

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Sad to say, found it hard to relate to. Too syrupy and romantic for grumpy old me, not music to my taste either.

Very well produced in stunning locations that most can only dream about hunting over though?
Maybe just feelings of longing from the over populated lowland?

How long will the wilderness remain?