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Greetings one and all!

Just a wee introductory note. As far as a biog goes, Paul Wilson is the name, I live in Arbroath, Scotland aged 52. I am a former Royal Marine (23yrs) PW1 spec and sniper. Been involved with stalking on and off over several years through service connections. Joined Defence Deer Management Program and achieved my DSC1 and started DSC2 but due to Operational commitments etc did not do as much as I would have liked. I am now looking to get a wee bit more involved. I currently hold amy FAC/rifles etc. My fire arms proficiency has been kept up to date do to the nature of my day job!

I would be grateful for any guidance, direction or introduction to local (Scotland anyway!) shooters & stalkers etc to get my feet back on the ladder/ground so to speak.

If I already know people on this forum hello and get in touch! Those I don't I hope to meet up with some like minded folk in the not too distant future.

Very best regards

Paul W


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Hello mate - good to have more ex-mil on board.

Not in your neck of the woods mate but plenty of stalking to be had up your way.

Good luck!