Tony Morgan

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Living in Monmouthshire, fond of wildfowling and rough shooting but do some driven shooting and walked-up grouse. Have shot geese on a lot of the Scottish firths and inland over decoys, and enjoy that as much as anything. Came to rifle shooting later on and started with a .17 HMR despite being advised to avoid it and buy a .22 instead; however, do not regret it for one moment. Went for the CZ 452 deliberately, instead of the 455, and am happy with it - 16" barrel and very handy and accurate. Progressed to a .243 as I help out a couple of gamekeepers and sit out for foxes, but also have done a bit of deer stalking and decided to get my own rifle - a Mauser M12 with Zeiss Conquest scope and Barton Gunworks moderator. Have had 8 foxes with it in the last month, and missed one. Did a DSC1 in April, passed and found it enjoyable and interesting. Will probably be happy to shoot the odd Muntjac/Roe, maybe Fallow locally, though have been to Somerset a few times on guided Roe stalks.


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Welcome Tony.

I am forty miles away over the other side of the river, but a couple of of us come over twice a month to the Monmouth and District Rifle Club's tunnel range.