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Evening all i'm Tommo,

Located in North Bucks i live with my Fiancé a step son, a 16 month old daughter and one on the way due around the 1st June.

Even though l'm 30 next year l have shot for almost 25 years (started early by my dad!) origional on air rifles - an old diana mod 23! which l still have, then onto a .410 when l was about 7-8 then onto a 16, then when l could hold it a 12 at the age of about 12. I have shot all types of vermin over the years, and lots of phesants etc.

In the last couple of years l have been fortunate enough to have enough money to expand a growing collection of English Side by sides as well as branching out into rifles etc. I have a rimmy (BRNO) for rabbits and the odd fox, and as of last Friday courtousy of Reeves a spanking new Tik T3 Hunter in .223 which l have conditioned for fox and small deer, l also own a A bolt .308, which l have recently molly-cuddled with a S&B & T8.

My stalking experience is limited, l have friends (who really are the ones who got me into the whole stalking thing) that shoot down at Henley on Thames of whoch l haev accompanied them once or twice on Fallow. But mainly l have experience with Muntys etc. (which are found on my permissions) - a lot of the stalking in this type of deer has been with friend who do the same on their shoots, as such l think l'm well into double figures! I also has a friend of my fathers who has taught me how to skin and prepare/butcher for freezer (he being a retired butcher- who works for meat!) So i'm quite proficient in this area.

I'm studying for DSC1 which l'm taking with Reeves in the next couple of months - then when money allows 2!



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Just shows, you should be careful what you touch :eek: :eek:

Welcome to the site Tom, sounds as if you are well on your way.