Introducing a terrier pup to water


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Hi guys,

Getting a new terrier pup as a companion to my other terrier (who's well rounded but won't swim).

One thing I want to achieve with the new pup is ensuring it is keen to go into water, (i know you're thinking a terrier is the wrong dog for this, but as far as i'm concerned, a dog's a dog.)

What i want to ensure is that when she first experiences water that it is fun for her. Any tips on this? Only do it in the summer when the water is warm?

Many thanks


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Let the dog decide when, shallow to start and the best way is with another dog. You could also try a fur covered ball /rat toy thing, wind the dog up wits it first. Getting in yourself is also good. Age? When it starts being confident. If it picks it's feet up in wet grass you may struggle at first.


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I had a terrier that you couldn't keep out of the water and even climbed a tree to jump out of,I think she was showing off to be fair,but I have one now if it goes more than a couple of inches up her legs she is out,and the whippet isn't interested at all.......Dogs are funny old things and don't like being pushed into doing anything they are unsure of,so do it carefully and good luck.


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I have a border who has just started swimming really since he started Hydro therapy for a ruptured vertebrae. Being in the warm water with a float jacket on really helped. Now I know its unlikely you have a private pool you can take him in but I would suggest finding the warmest water you can and him wearing a float jacket. Mine has a Ruff Wear one which helps with their bouncy because they really arnt great swimmers. Now he has built up his confidence he doesn't wear the jacket and swims in the sea with my cocker. Its great to watch his little tail goes round like a propeller :)

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Use the dogs natural prey drive, they want to chase and posses things so if you can get the dog playing around water with other dogs, preferably chasing a toy and making shallow water fun then deeper water will come easy. I'm taking my dogs to the beach this afternoon, the Vizsla swims right out into deep water for her dummy and besides being a generally soft and nervous dog would be a good teacher for dogs who are afraid of water. Even my wifes dog a Chow runs in after her and when his coat gets full of water he weighs and extra 2st :)