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Although i've been a member a while i rudely failed to introduce myself.

I'm in my mid forties, live in Cheshire with my family and sadly travel extensively with work.

I grew up in Germany in Odendaal, Westphalia where i began hunting age six, shooting that same year my first weener with my fathers M72 Schonaur in 7 x 57. It was a way of life for my family, Boar and Deer were mainly shot along with lots of rabbits. Mushrooming in season was a daily chore regardless of the weather and for many years as a young adult i disliked mushrooms becuse of the association. We had them with everything, all year round as we dried so bloody many. The forest were very expansive, our house backed onto 9k hectares.

My family moved to England when i was fourteen. I continued hunting back at the family home in Germany untill i went into the Army (British)where i spent the next 9 years.

Today; i shoot about 3 times a week, a mixture of foxing and vermin on some fantastic estates along with Grouse if i can afford it or get invited through work. I really dont like driven Pheasant as its too prescribed for me.
My main passion hunting wise along with Boar which requires a trip abroad is obviously stalking. I go to Scotland at leat every other weekend where i have quite a varity of land to hunt over. I take about 80 beast a year, mainly Roe and Sika, there are Red but even though i have a fully equipped Landy (with a winch) its folly taking Red Stags on your own. I dont sell any carcasses, i process them and thats what my family eat, along with fiends and neighbours.

Over the years I've used and had so many rifles in so many calibres, if i was in the States i would definately be a gun nut but suffice to say now that its no more SA rifles or Handguns (lost a small fortune when the handgun ban came in) its just a handfull of rifles in 22lr, 17HMR, 22-250, 6.5 Swede, 30-06 and 9.3 x 62. I tend to use the 30-06 most for Deer, i reload acording to my needs and tend to go for rifles that are for hunting not sniping i.e. non tactical, short and fast handling, the latter being most important to me. Additionally top quality glass all round is a must.

I have a trained dog (ML) which i have always had when hunting. My family and I have had many breeds over the years but i keep coming back to Munsterlanders. Wonderful breed for Deer.

What really intrigues me is other peoples kit, not always the big obvious stuff but the clever incidental items that are unique to their style. Clothing and hats especially is facinating as growing up it was always Loden and Felt, and the various knives and calls my grandfather would produce from his pockets or sack.i I still tend to wear wool coats in various weights(Swannie) or my Nomad as its just so very quiet. i get damp occasionally (not in the Nomad) but we are waterproof after all.

l rarely meet another hunter and learn nothing, so what a great place to share experience and learn than this forum.

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Hi Sariel,

Thats a great introduction - puts my feeble effort to shame!

Welcome to the forum, it seems like you'll have lots to contribute and I look forward to reading your posts.





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Welcome to the site...but I can see you're going to be a trouble-maker ;)

I was fascinated by your post, not least because it made me consider the stalking kit I've accumulated. I started with the jackets:

2 x Sportchief
1 x Kammo
2 x Cabelas (1 Konifer, 1 extra insulated)
1 x Swanni
1 x Loden cloak
1 x Loden jacket
1 x regular DPM
1 x DPM sniper
1 x flecktarn

No wonder my wife keeps having kittens every time I buy another.....



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Welcome to the site, I think you will fit in very nicely.

That has to be one of the most informative and interesting introductions that I have ever read.



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Welcome aboard
What a brilliant intro.
You best get talking to Trapper as he has a 7month old Munsterlander.
I think you will be at home here with your knowledge.

All the best