introduction from malvern worcestershire.

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hi everyone my name is andy wintle or wint for short,ive been meaning to introduce myself for a long time but im not very computer from malvern in worcestershire in the midlands.ive been into rough shooting & lamping for years & wanted to get into deer stalking,being a complete novice i done the dsc1 coarse to get a bit of knowledge,i now have a .243 rifle & looking for places to go for my first deer thanks andy


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Hello and welcome to the site wint, get stuck in and ask away. As you will have found out, there`s loads of knowledge and help to be had here. ;)



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we like people with no experience, we've all been there, so post away, its a friendly site, and newby's shouldn't wait to intro themselves, post away and learn deerwarden :lol:


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Hi Wint
i'm a newbie myself and live just north of you
it seems your further on then me so look forward to see how you get on
there are some good lads on site so good luck


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Hi Andy
I only just over the hill from you and got plenty of stalking within minutes of Malvern, come round for a brew and i'll see what i can sort out.



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welcome you jammy bugger! lashings of hot tea , either side of the hill.
I wish i had a hill ! its all flat here.
Enjoy the site mate
Regards Trapper


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Welcome to the site Wint. Wayne as usual generous as ever :D thats what makes this site so special, people like Wayne who are always giving up their time to make room for others.
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