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Good morning, just a quick introduction. Our company is called Africa Hunting Safaries. We have a hunting farm in Kimberley, South Africa and another near Gobabis, Namibia. We have just returned from a marketing trip to the UK, in the hopes of connecting with hunters, such as yourselves. We look forward to all interaction with yourselves on this site.


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Welcome...........been in Louis Trichardt a couple of times at my friends parents farm as a stop of to Mozambique.

Shot a baboon on the farm as Gerhardt Mum was shouting " get the English man and the gun " they are in my garden lol

Just check in with Admin regarding advertising...

I expect Rory will be along in a while...



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Goeie more Meneer. My only memories of Kimberley I am afraid is how big the station was and walking to see "The big hole" while waiting
to change trains. This was back in th early '60s.



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Welcome to the site, as mentioned above you will need trade membership to advertise.