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Short profile. Just over 60 years of age. Been stalking for about 2 years ( usually a shotgun/rod and line man ). So far achieved DCS 1 and portfolio for DSC 2 submitted yesterday. Member of BASC ( since WAGBI times ) and BDS. Total number of deer to date 20 including Roe, Munjac and Red. Usually stalk in Kings Forest ( BASC stalking ) and Scotland.
Stalking both on hill and forest. Use .243 and .308 as appropriate.
Live in the London/Essex eastern edge. Accept that the sport which is useful to the countryside is more expensive than I would like but will continue whilst I am fit enough as the ' hill ' in Scotland is formidable especially in winter. Just back from a week up there.
Biggest single problem apart from age is finding the clothing combination which will prevent me from ending up a hot/cold sweaty mess.????


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Welcome to the site - you'll find it friendly and informative.

I know just the problem you mean with clothing. I was out in the frost a couple of weeks ago all wrapped up nice and toasty, which was great.....until I had to carry out the doe I'd shot. I must have sweated off pounds, just in time for Christmas ;)



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Welcome to the site. Quite honestly I dont think you will find the right combination to stop you getting hot, sweaty and then cold on the hill. After a good many years no matter what I have bought and worn you still sweat whilst walking.

The important thing is to have good quality clothing that is waterproof and windproof, as you can chill easily when you are laying waiting for a shot on the hill with Red's.



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A really active stalker!


Welcome to the site.

Your score of 20 animals in your first two years is noted. ;) This would be on the high side of number of animals in just two years? :confused: Or do/did many stalkers do so many in the first two years at the sport?

In hood hunting.

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