Jakob Hareide

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Hello every body!!

I am interested in old guns that can still do the job in the field. My oldest is fron 1912. It's a 275 Rigby which I picked up from my gun smith yesterday after o total restoration. Looking forward to testing out somr hand loads an taking it out to shoot a small rein deer buck in the Norwegian mountains. Those darn Swedes only have tame rein deers so no sport shooting them:lol:. I also have a Sako L46 from 1947 in the legendary caliber 7x33 Sako. Managed to get hold of reloading dies from Finland. The plan is to develop loads that give just about less energy at 100 m than 800 Joules because of strict Swedish rules.

Well, that was a very short introduction. Please forgive my spelling mistakes........ .