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That is not an introduction, it tells us nothing, please read some of the existing introductions and amend yours.



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OK guys, what should I say. Started target shooting about 10 years ago and my idea was to be more involved with deer hunting. Unfortunately, I made the wrong decision to buy my hunting rifle, scope etc. at first before really understanding the true meaning of hunting and after some discussions with some very experienced friends when it comes to hunting, I realised I am not ready to hunt a deer. Since then, I used the hunting rifle (Mauser M03) more for target shooting than hunting. However, a few weeks ago and after watching a documentary about wild boar hunting in Turkey, I thought this is something I would like to do. My next step is now to do my deer stalking certificate, so I do have a basic idea of some important rules when it comes to hunting. At the moment and as explained, I do have an Mauser MO3 with and Swarovski Ballistic scope. For me it is still very heavy and I am thinking of selling it and to buy a rifle which is less heavy e.g. Tikka Superlight. I hope that one day, I will be able to write more about hunting and/or other interesting stuff but for now and due to lack of experience I will stay (unfortunately) in the background and enjoy the posts of some more experienced members. All the best from Somerset. Vincent