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I've been meaning to do this for a while and seeing the postings indicating that new members MUST intro themselves thought now was a good time. It isn't that I have any secrets, the problem is that I've very little to tell.

I live just north of Belfast in Northern Ireland and am relatively new to the shooting sports. I have fished for many years and always wanted to shoot but have absolutly no connections who do shot and it isn't easy getting in with no one on the inside. However, perhaps 3 years ago I managed to get into a local target shooting club and that opened the door to getting a rifle. My intention always was to progress to a little bit of stalking and so I went for a 308 as, basically, it is common as muck and will do everything I will ever need of it. With my sporting intent in mind I went for a Blaser R93 which isn't an ideal target rifle but which has proven to be ideal for transporting for stalking etc. and I picked up a second hand 8X56 S&B for not much cash to stick on top of it.

My first stalking experience was about a year ago for red hinds and I got a hind on the first trip out. In winter there is no scope for shooting lots of beasts in a day as recovery is nearly impossible, there are no quads or argos as they can't get on the ground. Since that I've been out a few more times for red and (in a different area) roe, all in Scotland, and have managed to get, errrr, not a single thing. I think I put a jinx on it.

However, fortune has smiled upon me and I've managed to get access to some ground with deer on it here in Northern Ireland. The area isn't big and is woodland/woodland edge with sika on it. Despite the relatively small area it is crawling with deer, I suspect they hold in this area during the day and move out to feed at night. It tends to hold only hinds with the stags coming in September and vanishing again about this time of year but there were some nice stags on it this year.

The name, Caorach, by the way is the Scots Gaelic plural form of sheep. I didn't pick it for any special reason other that some time back I was registering on the AR web forum and it was the first name that came to my head (I was fishing a loch by that name) that I thought had a low probability of already being registered. I should highlight that it is almost the only word of Gaelic I have (my girlfriend speaks it as her first language) and that I believe the language to be unlearnable.


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caorach, céad míle fáilte :eek: , show your girlfriend she will know what it means.

Very nice introduction.



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Did you get any woodcock tika.308? I know that there are some places here in Ireland that have a really good reputation for woodcock and some of the areas in Scotland where I spend a lot of time have a good fall of woodcock, however they are charging an absolute fortune for it.

I'm amazed at all the Gaelic speakers that have come out of the woodwork (or bog perhaps! No, don't set the SNP on me for saying that) and must highlight that I don't have a word of it. I can sort of pronounce the names of most of the lochs on Lewis and Harris and I know when tea or whisky is on the go but beyond that I'm beat. Some of my girlfriend's brothers kids don't have any English at all and we got a laugh some years back when one asked her granny why the strange man (that's me by the way) couldn't talk! In saying that once they go to school they are taught English and it is amazing how quickly they pick it up from older brothers and sisters and also from the TV. However, I maintain my position that Gaelic is unlearnable by any sane person, or at least by me anyhow.

Thanks to everyone for saying hello and I'm sorry if I've offended any Gaelic speakers but it's the work of the devil, stop speaking it immediately. Please don't let the girlfriend see this post or she'd break my leg and talk to me in Gaelic for a month! :D


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welcome Caorach
like you i speak no Gaelic
but in the the true british spirit i just speak" LOUDER"
you find they understand you better that way :evil: :evil:
only kidding mate honest ;)
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