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Hi all,

Been lurking on SD for a while now - some great info posted up here and although it has it's moments, the forum has a better feel then some others (i.e. every thread doesn't always degenerate into a slagging match!) Posters tend to be much more helpful and positive.

I'm in Berkshire, although originally from Northumberland and my experience is mainly shotgun and game shooting related but I have shot a few c/f & r/f rifles over the years, mainly plinking, rabbits and the odd fox. In an attempt to formalise the odds and ends of experience along the way, I recently went on a BASC Firearms Awareness Course, but although it was an interesting and worthwhile day, I'm not sure it made any difference to my application whatsoever!

I've only relatively recently had my FAC granted and I'm still having ongoing problems with Thames Valley who originally imposed a supervisory Condition for deer but not fox, and now they want the FAC back so they can add a full mentor restriction. All in the hands of BASC now though, so will have to see if they can earn their keep :D

I've got stainless synthetic Sako in 243 with some S&B glass on top, which hasn't yet been been used in earnest - hopefully as soon as the shooting season comes to an end that will change pretty quickly :lol:


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Welcome to the site

Hi 75

Welcome to the site, like you im waiting for the shotgun game shooting season to end before concentrating on the rifle shooting.




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Welcome 75

From Northumberland myself, great county if only the sun would shine sometimes.

Recently got myself a 75 in Syn SS in 243, feeding it rem 75gr accutips - foxes love them, great rifle.

Hope you get sorted with FAC. I dont know why they cant standardise things, some forces seem to interpretate the standards differently, they are pretty good up here though.


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Hello 75, and welcome to the site.

Glad you like, we try our best lets hope that BASC try their best for you :D



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Welcome on board and let us know how the trials and tribulations with the FAC work out.

I also use a 75, but in .308 - it's a great rifle.

Look forward to reading your posts.