Hi everyone. Been shooting for many years. Shotgun and rifle. Wildfowling,Driven Pheasant/Partridge and vermin control. We eat most things I shoot except Fox! I have an open firearms cert' for .22, .223 and .243 plus a .308 for range work. Rifles are .22 Anschutz, .223 mannlicher, .243 Tikka T3 and .308 Tikka t3 varmint.
I reload all my own ammo except for .22LR.
At present I do not have Deer shooting on my cert'.
I feel now the time is right for me to spread into Deer stalking. I wish to learn about the art of good stalking. This is the main reason for joining 'The Deer Stalking Directory' to learn from you guys and your knowledge and experience. Hopefully some of it may rub off onto me.
Thanks for having me on board. Regards
Keneboy. Bromley. Kent