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Hello my name is vincent and I live onthe Buckinghamshire Oxfordshire border, I have been shooting most of my life but untill now have not done any deer stalking. I am booked on to a BDS level 1 course in April. Is there anything else I need ? Before stalking my first deer I should appreciate any help and advise going being a complete novice


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Hello Vincent and welcome to the site. My advice is swot up as much as you can. Level 1 is a fairly intense course, although you will find that the examiners are there to help you.

Practice your shooting and rifle handling before you go on the course, and dont be afraid to ask anyone on here for help and advice. Best of luck to you ;)


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hi vincent,welcome to the site I was in exactly the same boat as you this time last year,been into shooting & lamping for years & I wanted to get into stalking. with very little knowledge i went for the dsc1 in april 08,got the manual worked my way through it & passed, although nerves nearly got the better in the shooting :rolleyes:.I then joined this site got alot of helpful comments posted a few posts,& went on my first ever stalk in jan 09 im now hooked.As for the dsc1 coarse the staff are very helpful,& you dont feel embarressed when you ask a question,so good luck andy ;)