Hi Lads. I'm from the Outer Hebrides, and have been stalking for many, many years. I'm a recreational stalker, but get lots of invites from the numberous estates in our area every year, especially if they have large hind culls to achieve. I do still pay for quite a lot of my days out. All our stalking is for red. The tools of my trade are a Sako 85 .308, and a Tikka M595 .243.

Jayb your right there mate, compared to us lads from away out here, your not remote at all. But the north of Scotland is a great part of our country, if your an out door kind of a person.

Predatorcontrol I wouldn't call myself an expert, but I've been at it a long time and still learning. I am also looking forward to participating in the forum, and trying to help where I can.

Thanks lads for the welcome, I hope I can be of help along the way.

Cheers Alex[/b]