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Hello all,

Just dropping a note to introduce myself. I live in San Diego, and am an avid shooter. I have been shooting for quite some time now, and have done some shooting in the UK as well (I really enjoyed an opportunity I had to shoot the Trafalgar Meeting a few years back at Bisley). Hope to see some interesting discussions here...


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Welcome to the site, hope you enjoy it, plent of knowledge on here. Look forward to hearing some of your shooting/hunting stories.



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Welcome Marine

I take it you are the same guy as on UK Varminting?

Best rgds



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Welcome mate,

plenty of intresting discussion on this site as you wiil see.
My mum now lives in San Diego, nice city, much better then that one just up the road !.

look forward to hearing from you soon

regards cookingfat


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Thanks for the welcome guys, its appreciated.


Yep its me. I have never seen the need to change my moniker from site to site, and this one I have never had someone else use...reduces confusion.


Yes San Diego is a nice city (expensive, but nice), and I quite agree about the city to the north. I hate having to go anywhere near L.A., its quite a cesspool... :confused: