Hi I'm 63 years male and English.I live in Mid Cheshire which is flat and green most the time.
I started shooting when my Mam gave me a "POP GUN" on my 9th birthday, and I'v shot just about every dicciplin since.
At present got shotguns for game and pingeon etc.
My real passion is rifles of which I use several calibres from 17RF to 308
including a 221Rem Fireball.
I reload all my own ammo and have never bought factory for many years
and can't understand any rifleman who shoots more than 50 rounds a year and don't load his own ammo. I did the level one and two some years ago, ans have stalking in Scotland and Wales.
I dont't care what anybody shoots as long as they "SHOOT
Regards Fireball"


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Well done you lucky so-and-so! A rare honour to meet someone who admits to having stalking in Wales. PMs regarding avaiable vacancies warmly welcomed!

Looking forward to hearing from you in the forum.