Hello everyone,

I'm Eddie and I'm from Hereford. I suspect like everyone here, I love my shooting which for me started as a youngster growing up on the farm when I received my first air rifle as a Christmas present one year. From that point I was hooked and as soon as I was 16 I then had my first shotgun which was a nice little double barrelled 16 bore. Back then I would get off the school bus on the way to Monmouth Comprehensive on a morning buy a box of cartridges from a little shop called Keeling & Sons in preparation for getting home that night and going straight out shooting. Quite a different world we live in today. Today I suspect the shop keeper would be considered a criminal probably get closed down for selling me the cartridges. The police would have arrived at the school with an armed response unit and I would probably have got expelled and all before I got home to the wrath of my parents lol.

As it was I fortunately didn't get into any trouble and went on to join the RAF Regiment where I spent the next 22 years of my life firing rifles and teaching other people about small arms and marksmanship principles.

Leaving the military and getting a bit older I found that I really missed the whole aspect of rifle shooting and the skill required to place a single bullet over distance onto a designated target. I also found it hard work when out doing pest control with my shotgun lugging all those cartridges around and having to work so hard to get close enough to all the rabbits and Foxes to shoot them. So, I eventually applied for my firearms and here I am.

I've had my firearms licence now for a number of years and shoot .17HMR, 17Hornet, .22LR and .223. I have also got very much into the reloading side and generally reload all my ammunition for my .17 Hornet and .223. I think there is a lot of satisfaction to be gained from this and as a rule I also find that when you have it nailed, the consistency from reloaded ammunition can be far better than you may get from commercial ammunition. I guess the consistency of ammunition depends on how much you spend on it to begin with, which is the main reason I initially went down the reloading route.

Predominantly my shooting is all orientated and geared up to controlling of rabbits and Foxes at night in the rural areas of Hereford but I do have days where I'll put some targets up and do some grouping over distances of 50, 100 and 200 metres to confirm zero and maintain marksmanship. I also use quite a lot of digital night vision using the Pulsar N550, N870 and DFA 75 and I use Nightmaster 800IR lamps to illuminate the targets.

I would love to advance into Deer stalking but would need advice and direction for best route way to go with this.

So guys that's me and what I'm about.
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Nice introduction mate and welcome to the forum, loads of info on here to help you learn about stalking. Doing your DSC level 1 would also be a good start and would be beneficial :).
Thanks mate.

Do you have any recommendations for places where I could do my DSC level 1 and the general costs involved?