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Hi Everyone

I'm very new to stalking, been going out for about a year now, as an observer with an experienced stalking team, booked onto a DCS1 in April have a deposit down on a Tikka t3 hunter stainless 6.5x55 with a fixed power scope? maybe? I am a horticulturalist and work in a large botanic garden where there is a lot of deer damage so this has been my main drive into stalking but the more I learn the more I'm excited and intrigued by the art of the stalk......

I have permission on a small woodland (5 acres) which has possibilities for high seat stalking but will mainly be used for zeroing as it has a very useful soil back in the middle...

Looking to this site to connect with more experienced stalkers, ask advice, and learn...

Always looking for stalking opportunities to build up my experience!!

Many thanks
Welcome! Work in the horticultural sector myself. Tikka t3 in 6.5x55 with a fixed power 6x42 or 8x56 scope - great combination!
Hi bladerunner,
Welcome to the sight and may you learn plenty from the experienced people on here and gain more in your foray's.
Yes thats right I'm at Hilliers, I wasn't sure if I could mention that because of the advertising rules???

Thank you everyone else for the warm welcome.........

I don't think it counts unless you're advertising entrance tickets or something... :)

I've wondered about deer at Hillier's, I sometimes see roe crossing the road around there.