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hi all just registered been reading your posts on forum the past couple of weeks and thought id like to get involved i live in somerset mainly roe where i stalk over a few thousand acres shooting a tikka 243 for deer and a remmy 700 heavy 243 for charlie thinking about a 7mm 08 as well for deer boar etc any advice wellcome looking forward to discussion and any help i may give .


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welcome aboard mate. good to hear from you.

the 7mm08 is a SUPERB calibre. i have a remmy model 7 in 7mm and i love it. I shoot 145gr psp bullets that are very very accurate and kill very very well. I can't imagine using the .243 anymore for deer.



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Re: roedinator

thanks for the info on the 7 mil swamps and your welcome look forward to speaking in the future


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Hi Roedinator,
Welcome to the site, it must be great to have all that Roe stalking in such a beautiful part of the country. I look forward to reading all about it in your posts mate. ;)
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