Ir laser

White Hart

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Ive got a nightmaster 800 IR on mine works well. Works to a good distance further than I care to shoot in the dark! and shows eyes out a long way past that for spotting.

Essex stalker

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I have the 800ir ontop of my pulsar LR870 works really well, going to get the extension tube and extra battery before long

The Greenkeeper

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Thanks guys anyone had any feedback from the night scout t50? Or is it you get what you pay for ive no need to go beyond 200yrds :)
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Could anyone reccommed a ir laser to compliment my pulsar n750 nv thanks in advance :)
If you want the source to be invisible, get the Pulsar L-915s. Bit of image noise due to the eyesafe filter, but excellent for their cost and weight. Plus you can alter the position of your beam in relation to your crosshair (I like to have my crosshair towards the bottom of my beam circle). Power is adjustable so you can dim at close range, and it can be focussed between spot and flood. If you need more power, the Pulsar L-808s will deliver another 25% longer range, though it has a visible source. I use a L-915s on my N750 and Yukon Photon, and it works a treat.


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Do you want a laser or LED ?
Laser gives a 'Dirty image ' lots of noise ... A LED gives a better clearer pic. But it comes at a cost ..
A laser will go much further and be lot tighter beam - less likely to spook animals
a LED will do the job well, but you will have to put a sizeable torch on it to get distance which will give a red glow ( if viewed directly in line ) of your position

i find a T50 or a T60 ( t20 with doubler ) is more than enough to 300m and much cheaper than a a NM800 ..