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Hi, Im currently looking for a higher quality glass than my leupold euro. I have been offered a zeiss victory 6-24x56 ret#4 for £800. It would be perfect if it had the illuminated reticle although I've not missed out on many shots due to losing the cross hairs I'm thinking if I'm going to buy a scope I want it to be future proof. Is the illuminated reticle that helpful as I've never had a scope with it? Are the older style victory's decent scopes? I believe his on e is .5cm ballistic turrets.
Or am I worth spending a bit more and getting the victory diavari IR?


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Know nothing about Zeiss scopes apart from I have an 8x56 very old one which is great. I have illuminated reticles on my stalking scope, a S&B, and have never used it as the posts are broad enough to see even at last knockings. I do use illuminated if out foxing with my 204Ruger as this has a MTC viper which has a thin reticule.
A #4 reticule will be fine for all of your needs without illumination IMHO sorry cannot answer your other questions but Zeiss are one of the big three when it comes to optics.