Irish banks

Seems the recent unhappiness in the Republic's banking system has receded greatly, at least in relation to our mainland ones, A member on here from Ireland who was not overly familiar with the B.A.C.S. system, managed to pay me within a few short hours, Many thanks & a Happy New Year to you Hungry hunter, hope you get good use from it, Steve.:tiphat:


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you think !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we seem to have a government that thinks/thought it was right and proper to prop up and bail out a banking system that was inept and corrupt with money from the state ,so now we have a huge national debt per head of capita that would frighten anyone, if anything the unhappiness is compounded and very much still to the fore .

mainland :rolleyes: do you bank in France or Switzerland:p
I reckon you missed the underlying message, & mainland meant as in UK, where some of the members on here may be suffering from inefficient branches, including myself. Sorry if I picked a scab off of you, re the Irish system.:thumb:
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