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For Sale: IRlightbuilds T74 torch with IR & additional pills


Well-Known Member
Hi folk
Clearing out torch box

Have two Ian Sirrel irlightbuilds T74 torches here
Both have IR pill and there is
1x white pill
1x red pill

Looking for £45 posted for 1x t74 with IR & additional pill

Or £75 posted for Both and all pills

Also ... an IRlightbuilds Ian Sirrel cg70 “ thrower”
This takes 2x 18650 batteries and simply “throws “ a white beam like you would not believe !!! There is no flood or spot it simply a tight beam for waaay out ... it has yellow tape on purely to stop spill coming out the holes in the torch head which are on the side

Looking for £45 posted



Well-Known Member
An honest estimate of how far the beam throws on the cg70 please?

Honestly not sure .... the fields on my permission are 400 yds and it lights up trees at 400yds easily .... the beam projects the square of the pill on the trees... I’ll nip out this evening try and see if can assess how far it goes



Well-Known Member
For hornet ( and anyone else)

This is beam at 400yds up to wood line end of field

And this pointing up into air..... sorry maybe just give idea



Well-Known Member
Cg70 & additional pill now SOLD

Still for sale

2x t74 torch each has IR pill

£40 each posted


£60 for both posted