is 30-06 too much for roe

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Hi guys. New to site but in the process of getting variation for firearms. I am wanting one rifle for all bigger deer. Thinking 30-06 should do the job. I know its a lot of gun but will I be ok for roe? Anyone using one routinely for roe?


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absolutely perfect on roe
at the end of the day, it is shot placement and bullet chioce that will make all the difference in any calibre chioce ;)
but you will not be dissapointed with the 30-06
i certainly ain't


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I'll go with that.

Seems everyone wants a small flat shooting ballistic tip for Roe. Either goes straight through or shatters.

Get a bullet that will be heavy enough, slow enough and expand enough. Put it in the right place and everything goes down. My 15 year old put an Oryx down with a 6.5 x 55 156 gr when eveyone else used a 140 gr that ran. 240 Kg of straight down meat. Does little damage on a Roe compared to a lighter bullet.

Too small, too fast and it goes through and expands in the backstop.

Small and fast for calibre bullets give flat shooting. There is no problem with loopy ballistics at the deer end, only at the shooters end.

With a 30-06 you can use a light or heavy bullet. You will be surprised at the difference a simple bullet will achieve against a sophisticated one.


I have been using the 30-06 for the past 5 years on Red and Roe the bullet placement is important but for regular on target shots the results are very good. The bullet choice for me is 130gr for all species which i load myself and delivers 3,200fps . The other rifles in my cabinet include a 243, and 22-250 but my first choice is always my old trusty 30-06


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No such thing as too much gun.

A big gun will do a little job but will a small gun do a big job :confused:

Bullet placement every time

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