Is Dougster still around? Or anyone else who makes slings?

Hello everyone.

Does anyone know if Dougster's still around? I'm looking for a sling for my drilling and his name sprang to mind. Alternately, does anyone else on here still make leather accessories?


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The last time I saw Dougster he was packing all his stuff up for the move up to the Highlands. Send him a PM PM & register your interest - He may be tempted to get his tools out for you - or wait & use some bailer twine till he is up & running again in his new home in a couple of months.



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PM wouldn't a drilling be more suited to the old style canvas and rawhide thong slings that you knot straight on. I use one for my 500NE Know what I mean? can send a pic if wish

How about one of these young pine marten
Hello Jason! I'd pefer a full leather one. Is your friend who made the accessories for my 7mm-08 still in business? Those items were excellent. But I don't think I need as substantial a sling for the drilling, it would look wrong. Something slim and minimalist. The swivels are narrower too, I need to measure them.
or try ian usually does knives belts wallets etc, ps just picked one up on ebay earlier all leather with swivels s/h as new 10.00 quid so its worth looking about as ive never bought off ebay or ever wished to,all i need now is the rifle to go with it,atb doug,:D
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I posted this last year to someone else asking about a leather sling:
If you can buy in locally, buy domestically, and buy from your own circle, that is the best.

I own some leather and canvas slings, from England, but purchased from Jeff's Outfitters ( USA). He carries traditional leather cartridge wallets, slings, cases, slips, field furniture, etc. A leather sling with leather covered hardware is handsome, quiet, and protects a fine stock.

While shopping for a leather case for my vintage scope in claw mounts, I found Trader Keith's.

Rifle Slings and Swivels |

Gun Sling Fittings, Swivels, Studs, QD Plates and Clips


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I like canvas slings on vintage rifles. This is one of mine, in tan. I have another in green, and a Beretta canvas and leather with a no-slip rubber backing.



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It's annoying. I work in the house and have had to pack everything away for viewings, which have dried up.

We have to move though, new job for the Mrs starts April 13th on Speyside. Hope to rent something big enough to allow me to start work again then.