Is it hype, or am I just unlucky?....

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Schmidt & Bender optics...........My first stalking scope, an 8x56 fixed power non illuminated scope - hungarian. Couldn't figure out, after zeroing my rifle, (3 rounds in an inch & half square), after taking what I consider to be a perfect shot (heart/lung), I hit the deer in the spine!. Luckily it dropped and died on the spot. Disgusted at myself for the crap shot, next morning I rezeroed rifle, and it was found to be shooting, 7" high!... I thought i must of knocked it. That evening, out again. Took a shot at large Roe buck, 2" high and 5" to the left!. Luckily the deer was killed.
Went straight back on to the range, could not fire a group, using a box and a half of ammo. The guy that I stalk with had a go, he could't group either. Gun was returned with scope - scope faulty!. This was then replaced with S&B Zenith,......illumination then failed!........, anyone had similar problems with this make?.... How much do you have to spend to get so called 'german reliability'?..A case of emperors new clothes, I think!!


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S&B scope

Hi pjkaz
Sounds like you are unlucky mate!
You are honestly the first person I have ever heard of having probs with SB. I love my 3-12 x50 Zenith (Illum), dead clear and totally reliable.
I had similar problems with a Leupold as you describe with the Schmidt and yet others swear by them. Can't explain it other than that sometimes you get a lemon, or a Friday scope.
If it's new you should be well sorted with the warranty anyway, but that won't make the hassle easier.
Let us all know how the supplier's customer service treats you.
All the best.


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Have you checked your scope mounts, I know it sounds silly but I have had mine tinned to the action to solve that problem.
The other trick is the screw the turrets to there max number of turns up, down ,left and right. Now rezero and the problem should resolve.
If not you are officially "unlucky" :evil:



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S & B Scopes

Hi Pjkaz
Sounds like you have been very unlucky I own four S & B scopes and love them, never had a problem and they get a lot of use.
I personally shoot a lot of rounds through a new rifle/scope combo and give it a few whacks and bumps just to build my confidence in it. Probably not for everybody but it works for me.
Let us know how you get on with the warranty.



I am not doubting S+B have made a faulty scope or two nobody ever made any product were every single one that rolled off the production line was perfect.
I should always look to the initial mounting of the scope though 1st. I have seen a lot of so called gunsmiths mount scopes in the most appaling fashion, hardly any i have seen check rings for alignment with a scope bar before fitting, i have never seen a gunsmiths shop lap rings in and few set up level correctly with a bubble.
Centring your reticule before you boresight is also important as if you need lots of windage in to zero from that point you must be aware that you will loose adjustment on elevation even if your turrets are moving, you then need to sort something else.
I wonder if you are putting your scope in a bind esspecially as your second quality scope has also proved defective ( are you rings perfectly alighned prior to clamping down on that new scope?)
I do not of course know of your level of experiance but might i recomend taking the rig to someone who realy knows rifles, this does not mean someone who sells them


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Hi, a little story that happend to me. T3, S&B 8*56. Optilock mounts, and rings. Bought all as a package, was shipped to local firearms dealer who said he would put together. Would not group, or hold zero. Finally had to take all to bits, as the screw holing the mounts on were only finger tight. Moral is, watch people do it. I know very little about putting kit together, but i know the screws have to be tight!!


my point exactly some of these gun sellers don't know a damed thing and too many customers trust them as the experts. A guy came to the range one day with a Tika that wouldn't hold zero. The numpty in the shop had removed the plastic insert rings from his optilocks before fitting his scope!

I have also known a gunshop owner fire .243" rounds down a .308" one put baffles the wrong size in someones new moderator ( too small) and another who sold a box lock shotgun as a sidelock "he wrote it on the reciept" because it had sideplates. oh many more besides!

Knoledge is power, find out how something should be done even if you do not wish to do it yourself you should know what to ask

Best of all learn to do it yourself, whenever it is cost effective - ie. don't buy an expensive lathe if you will only ever re-barrel two rifles in a lifetime!


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It never ceases to amaze me what kind of a job you can get from some of these people, my other half got a brand new remy in 22.250 and scope a while back the RFD set it up for her for no charge he said (so l should think so) anyway to cut a long story short it would not zero after checking it we found that the whole assembly was loose (probably should have checked it myself after leaving the shop) but it did make me wonder if it was because she was of the fairer sex so supposed not to know about these things so she would use all the factory ammo purchased with weapon and go back for another load where upon he could rectify the problem and sell her another 60 rnds, or am l being cynical :evil:
Rfds only in the trade to make money off you I had a simler problem with a .308 the wrong mod was fitted so cracked on with it untill the t8 arrived
Took it in mod was fitted whent to pick it up no proof marks on the mod
Told him thats no good to me you will have to get it proofed IT came back £40 in ammo later found out every thing was loose hadnt even tightened the screws that secured the barell to the stock ,scope was just chucked on not tight Nightmere The morrel is check every thing tight before you go and take the tools with you just in case


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Hi everybody, thanks to everyone for your replies, apologies for not getting back sooner ( i have to work to pay for my addiction, stalking that is). I was given a full refund for both scopes, no quibble atall, I then decided to stick with S&B hoping my run of bad luck was over!. I have fitted a 2.5x10 non illuminated scope to my sauer 243, and have 2 successfull stalks, and it has held zero ok. I have since purchased a sauer avent garde in 300 winmag, and fitted 2.5x10 zenith flashdot and, 1.25x4 zenith flashdot, both on QD mounts. Can't wait for my first stalk with my new rifle, and boar hunts in France. Have checked all fixings and screws on the rifle, will let you know how I get on.
I too have had some very bad experiences with dealers at gun shops, ie: a rifle supplied with metric thread on barrel, and, imperial thread on moderator, cross hairs on scope not upright when mounted, and sling not fitted properly, luckily I caught the rifle before it hit the floor. I know we all should check everything, but sometimes we assume a level of competency that doesn't seem to exist. Once again thanks, and I will keep you posted on scopes and rifle...............
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