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hi guys is there any one who lives in the leeds west yorks area that fancys takeing me out for my 17 birthday to shoot my first ever deer??? ;)



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good luck russ im sure if theres anyone on here from your neck of the woods they will try and help you,i havent shot one yet but i have been out several times and really had great times.and i have missed 2 muntys :oops: .all the best and enjoy.


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cheers mate

i hope i can get out soon i realy do want to get my first deer

i am basc insured, experienced shot regally shoot 308 target rifle out to ranges of 800M with good results.


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birthday deer

i live in the midlands quite away from you but if you cant get your birthday wish contact me or 222cwd in the winter and we will see what we can do for you . hope you get your wish even if you do you can still contact me later in the year MUDDY
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