Is this a murder buck?


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This boy had been scrapping as he had damage to his left shoulder and inner rear thigh.

Wonder what the other lad looked like....


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A true murder buck normally has just a single long spike on both antlers and no fork at the top, so effectively two daggers with nothing to lock into other antlers.
Plenty of first heads get shot as “murder” bucks but are just youngsters.

paul o'

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your never know ?? ;) but nice though I do like the odd ones , DS308 now thats a rear nice MB be good on a mount


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This is what might be regarded as a murder buck. No tines at all just two long antlers. This was a more unusual one in that it was pearled right up to the last quarter of an inch, and then just bare.


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got any more pics of this boys head ?

I do!


He was blind in the left eye, cause unknown, but perhaps we should've seen the other guy! I know it's not a 'textbook' murder buck, but has the necessary attribute to inflict the most severe damage nonetheless; nor would I fancy the trophy dropping off the guest's wall onto me!


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Out of interest .. would this years murder buck be a murder buck next year or return to normal antlers?
From what I’ve seen they usually just get shorter and more stubby and pointy in what is probably their last couple years. Murder bucks are different to switch stags in that respect


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Switch stags are easily helped by use of trace elements, when Achintoul started using mineral blocks in Upper Helmsdale, the switch heads stopped.



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Here's a murder buck I shot a couple of years ago. Not a youngster, but even if it had been the damage it could potentially inflict would've resulted in it being culled regardless


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IMG_1622.jpg Cheers, Murph.

Yesterday eve's candidate, will show teeth pics once out of boiler!
Aye, it's great to see what happens when they get left time to live, instead of being shot on sight. :thumb: Another 'murdered' as opposed to being a 'murder' buck, so apologies for being off topic, but I am aware of such types having few friends or neighbours (I wonder why??)

Pic of teeth showing wear and loss of front incisors:

Not a 39-day old chicken, then!
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