Is this anybody off here?

paul o'

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:eek: KICK START EAT YOUR HART OUT ?? riding off could be fun :D I bet that drove like a dry sock on a washing line ?:stir: may be that's why its now on a recovery truck. :popcorn: just proves all the land rover rants ! A bag of spanners and a AA card is all you need to own one :rofl:


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Putting up same as getting down - tele handler.

More to the point he better not try going under some of my low bridges - otherwise he might be missing the quad afterwards..... in fact the Landy could become a cabriolet!


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Looks like a farmer had a visit last night.
Good news is that the truck will stop the oil leek getting to the road surface.


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Ha ha, fact remains it's up there and the landy roof is holding up well. Let's see a picture of a UK registered jap 4x4 with a quad on the roof. :thumb: