"Is this normal for a moderator"

Just cleaned my new 17 hmr and upon inspecting my mod I found that the first baffle in it was broken! See picture,I also checked the mod on my 22lr and it was the same! Can any one tell me if this is normal.


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It is certainly not "normal". Baffles are not supposed to break, they are supposed to control the combustion gasses. If they break they no longer control properly and so do not moderate the noise level.
Something has broken that baffle. You now need to determine the cause in order to redress the situation.

Is it a SAK? If so the baffle stack inside is made up of some half circle bits that do actually look like that. If you unscrew it (assuming it's a SAK) then you'll see what I mean.
One pictured is a atec wave 2weeks old and 100 hmr rounds through it,my other is a sak on 22lr and about 2000 rounds through it.
ive never cleaned the sak, the atec has been sprayed with wd40 after use!
should I return it to the shop?


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not broken
most A-Tec mods use asymetrical baffles or solid single machined piece like the SAK in their rimfire models

looks at the one on the far left


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It does look a bit ragged in there. The Atech mods are not guaranteed for a huge round count, especially at the range heating up.
I would take it back and see what they say if it is only only two weeks since you got it.

Some friends who have them seem to shoot them for ever without any problems. Perhaps they are calibe sensitive.

Mine has a slash in the front piece using it at the range but its round count will be less than yours although a good bit older. If your SAC has 2000 rounds through it, and still going strong, tell them to replace the Atech as not fit for purpose, for another Sac. You have nothing to lose..john
There is a bit of gas cutting but that will happen with a HMR especially if it has a short barrel. The Swift Scirocco mod comes in standard form with all aluminium baffles and a short barrel HMR version with the first two baffles being stainless steel. Once I had the barrel chopped to 16" it ate through the original aluminium baffles pretty quick. Onto a SAK now and it's a lot tougher

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I just checked with the three brand new Atec Wave mods we have on the shelf here. I've not seen one of these apart, so don't honestly know the make up of the baffle arrangement, but each of then seems to have a 'split' baffle - similar to that shown in your picture. Its not breakage and certainly part of the design.

Been a long weekend and brain not firing on all cylinders, but it looks like there is some form of 'spiral' baffle stack arrangement in there, not a series of solid baffles like washers etc.

Looking at your picture with no frame of reference, it does look 'broken', but with the benefit of a pristine baffle ( times 3 ) to look at - it certainly seems to be part of the design and looks far more 'made' in new form than the picture above - where the fouling does make it look like a single solid baffle with a split.

Key question - any using issues with it? Is it spraying rounds all over the target, making a strange noise or unduly loud?

SAK - no new one to hand. But two with many thousands of rounds through - too cagged to really see much of anything! From memory - years back I took one apart just to see the gubbins - it has a one piece machined aluminum baffle arrangement. Nothing really to break. What you see is very likely a machining mark. But if concerned, then a call to Jacksons will most likely resolve things. I'd suggest that rather than the dealer as - with respect all round - they may have no better idea than Sd members! :D ( joking guys!!!!!! )

From the info provided, my inclination is that you'll find all is well with both mods. Hope that helps.
Thanks guys for all your info and thanks moray for your effort,
there are no issues with accuracy with either rifle and the sound has been the same for 100 rounds on the hmr.
Confidence restored and I'll crack on with the rabbits
Thanks for the help


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The "Ragged" edge may be due to firecutting, Erosion by the gases on firing.[/QUO

Yes that is exactly what it looks like....I would never have guessed it to be a two week old mod.
Jacksons are excellent at standing behind their product,iirc 100% within the year, reducing after that. They have a hugh range of mods to suit most uses.....


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I have an A-tec which looked very similar after the first 10 rounds through it in .243, the advice from the supplier was don't fully clean the first baffle leave it with a coating of carbon which helps cut down the gas cutting..