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Below is a press release from a UK company making a Hunting themed Computer Game. They need people with real experience to help make the game as accurate a simulation as possible.

Nottingham UK – 22nd January 2009 – Established video game developer Monumental Games has today announced that they are creating the world’s first online virtual world dedicated to hunting. ‘Hunter’s World’ is what is known as a ‘Massively Multiplayer Online’ game or ‘MMO’ – and will see thousands of players collaborating (or competing) in a huge virtual wilderness populated with a multitude of animals. Uniquely, this world is persistent – meaning that even when the players are not online, the world continues to exist.
“This is far removed from the kinds of hunting games that have existed in the past,” commented CEO Rik Alexander. “We’re moving from a model where the game dictated your experience to one where your tactics with other players, the intelligent animals, and the constantly evolving world around you ensure that the online hunting experience is as close as possible to the one that hunters currently enjoy in the wild. Plus it will be free to take part!”
“While we’re already some way down the development path, there’s still plenty of time for the community to help shape the experience they will be a part of,” said Ewan Lamont, Senior Producer for Hunter’s World and a keen outdoor sportsman. “We’d like hunters from all over the world to take part in defining the ‘game’, and so we have set up a community website at This went live last week and has already attracted thousands of visitors. We’re really excited about what we’re creating: it’s much richer and more compelling than anything that has come before in this genre.”
Rob Watson, an ex-army man and 10-year veteran of the games industry has joined Hunter’s World as lead designer. He added: “A thriving community of dedicated hunters – that’s what we want to achieve first and foremost. We know we have the talent, technology and credibility to make this authentic online world, but it will be the people in that world that make it truly amazing. Those who join the community now will not only have the chance to become ‘Rangers’ – giving them access to extra items in the world when it launches – but will also be able to tell us what features they would like to see.”
Current features include a number of innovations to the hunting genre:
• Competition against real people and a wide variety of AI-controlled animals
• Collaboration with real people
• Multiple hunting lodges, each with their own unique characteristics
• A truly social game - including voice and text communication, group hunts and player-created lodges or guilds
• Players can roam freely in a vast open world where they can interact with thousands of others
• Players can purchase items (e.g. weapons, clothing and equipment) and customize their character
• Players can develop their characters and their skills over time
• Free-to-play

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For further information, please contact:
Paul Mayze +44 (0)7957 224527

Monumental Games Limited (MGL, UK) specialises in the development of multi-platform, multi-player online games based upon its proprietary Monumental Technology Suite (MTS). Formed in 2005 by CEO Rik Alexander and CTO Rocco Loscalzo, the company now employs over 100 developers across three studios in Nottingham (UK), Manchester (UK) and Pune (India). Monumental is dedicated to recruitment of the best online talent in the industry and constant improvement of its technology in order to consistently develop world-class titles.

For further information on Monumental Games please visit
For further information about Hunter’s World please visit


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Is virtual hunting for real. Well it may be a real computer game. Is it real hunting?
I listen to the lads at work talking all the bollocks about the games they play with each other over the computer in the evening and at the weekends. Several of them never leave the house or ever go and see the out side world. Sad .

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I hope the taster of the game at the bottom of the home page is not what the real thing will be like but I suspect otherwise. You shoot a squirrel and it says Die Varmint, Die. or Blast those critters! THe deer don't seem to stop walking so you have to take them on the hoof! And they don't allow neck shots! :lol:
Anyway I shall wait and see.