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Fallow Stalker

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Cam Loch with Cul Mor in the back ground after a memorable
day stalking Red Stags :D


Rob Mac

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Yes, I think Fallow Stalker is raising the bar with that one.

Come on Sikamalc - get with the programme!!! My 7 year old can upload photos....



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Ahh my 10 year old grandson can probably do it as well, but its like black magic to me. I have stacks of piccys but its getting the bloody things on here thats the problem. :confused:


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Fallow stalker
Absoloutly fantastic photo mate :D :D
That would make a great picture on the wall :D


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Wow I am really bowled over by theses photos! Like Sika I dont have a clue how to download some of mine, I have loads on various flashdrives.

Can someone help?!!!



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Card Reader

Normally you can plug the camera right into the PC with the correct connection cable,


Buy yourself a card reader for you "flash drives", It will plug straight into a USB port of your PC and appear like a new drive (eg F:\ or G:\)

once plugged in you can browse to it from "My Computer" on your desktop if you are using windows.

there are many different memory cards and you can buy readers that can read all of them, but be safe and take the chip to jessops or somwhere to get the right one if you are unsure.
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