Isle of Mull with Scotland Deer Stalking.

I put a post on SD back in April asking for contact details to book a day's stalking while staying on Mull for a week's holiday with my wife. I was contacted by Davie Haldane of Scotland Deer Stalking, who not only had a day available for me to try for a stag, but also found us some very good self-catering (and dog friendly) accommodation in Dervaig.
We arrived on Mull last Saturday, and I checked the zero of my rifle with Davie on Sunday afternoon. I was picked up at 8am on Tuesday morning, and a short drive took us to some open hill next to a large block of forestry. We spied two stags in the distance fairly quickly, and whilst stalking into them came across a switch with a group of hinds. A quick crawl in, and I took the shot and was pleased to remove this stag before the rut really got going. We stalked on and came across several small groups of hinds, but no stags.
Davie worked hard trying to find a second stag for me, and we covered a a big area. Late afternoon and we saw a pair of stags out on some ground next to another block of woodland, we managed to get round behind them and I had a clear shot at a nice 6 pointer which was busy chewing the cud. Davie was keen for me to try for his companion, but unfortunately he didn't co-operate and we didn't get a chance of a shot.
I was dropped back at out cottage at 7pm, knackered but elated! I've stalked red deer on several occasions in the past, and have always felt a bit disappointed to get a stag in the first few hours and then to be off the hill soon afterwards. That certainly didn't happen this time, and I enjoyed a very full day.
I would happily recommend Davie to anyone; he has some very productive ground, goes to great lengths to ensure you enjoy your day and is good company. His rates are reasonable too, and I hope to be booking another day or two with him next year.
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Hi Rupert, I could have told you that you would be well looked after by Davey.
He is one of the best.

Eddy, he certainly is that; another example of SD working at it's best.

The fee was £350 per stag, plus £12 per point; the good thing is, you know exactly what it will cost before you pull the trigger.


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Nice one rupert, sounded like you had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed it, knew you'd manage 2 stags one way or another. :-|