Isle of Wight deer, The Mammal Society

The Mammal Society were recently kind enough to include a blog on the Isle of Wight's deer as part of their 60 for 60 series.

Mammal society 60 for 60 blog

atb Tim
well done tim educating joe public about deer is the only way to counter anti hunting drivel .if people know the whys and wherefores of deer and their habits its only going to present what stalkers do in a positive light.:tiphat:
Thanks Tim, nicely written blog & web, are you able to keep it updated? and will this be a permanent thing?, The use of key words in your updates will help this move up the rankings and may get picked up elsewhere as a tag, not that you would be at all keen to self promote, but its educational so why not.
Thanks for the kind comments.

What I have sought to do is give a balanced view of deer on the Isle of Wight both within a historic and modern context. I have attracted quite a lot of interest not just locally but in the US, Canada and Europe as well and I intend to update from time to time, particularly in response to local deer related issues.

Regarding the technicalities of setting up and running the Isle of Wight deer site itself this is all new to me, but hopefully I shall be able to promote it to its full potential. Any advice in this respect will be gratefully received.

atb Tim
3 little letters...SEO, plenty on the web to help you out, basically the use & repetition of key words within your text headers etc..relating to all things IOW,deer & deer related, also wording related to any other organisation or info you wish to be associated with it it that simple, the more that is written the more info google has to work on and therefore the more spread over the web it will become, moving you up the listing.

You are currently seen in 5th listing via the mammal .org site, when IOW deer is searched for, unlikely to get to top, as this site has that covered with the word deer...funnily enough.

So what sort of numbers are there on the island? Tens? Hundreds?

Nobody knows for sure.

The interest of the public authorities does not appear to extend beyond destroying every deer found here, my suggestions of having a deer census and a management plan also seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

None of the public bodies that I have approached with FOI requests admits to keeping any record of deer seen or culled either and those of us that look on deer more positively daren't talk too openly about numbers and locations.

All together a most unsatisfactory state of affairs

atb Tim