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For Sale: Isuzu Bighorn (trooper ) Lotus edition


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At the end of February My Isuzu will be for sale it is a 1995 model it has 165000 mls on the clock, it is starting to look a bit tatty but by far is the best vehicle I have ever owned it is the model with the 3.1 turbo diesel.

It comes with 8 spare wheels and tyres.

I have owned this vehicle for nearly 10 years but sadly it has to go it is MOT'd until April but it can be MOT'd again at cost.

The reason for the sale is I am starting to work more dogs so I have purchased an Isuzu D Max.

£850 ONOView attachment 51824View attachment 51821View attachment 51822View attachment 51819View attachment 51823View attachment 51820

Sorry advert was wrong I have had it 12 years

Sorry about the dirt I did not have time to wash it but I will when someone buys it.
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Dont do it you will regret it..! :D
They dont make them like these anymore. :cry:
I take its LWB and Automatic ?


Site Staff
I had a 3.1 Trooper for 13 years, bloody rubbish the interior light bulb went you know, had to fix it myself :) Gtreat motors.



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Yes I know exactly what you mean,that sodding interior light! must be a Recall notice I must have missed out on!!
I am not impressed after owning it for 7 years I wish I could moan about some things proper that would go wrong, so I have excuse to change it !!
Oh forgot to mention then, as mine is a Bighorn i imported Direct from Japan!! :D
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