Isuzu Rodeo vs Ford Ranger - opinions please


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Sorry for another truck thread but I did a search and didn't find much on the Rodeo.

I'd appreciate anyones thoughts who have either of the above trucks as I'm likely to be needing one later in the year.

Fuel economy, space, reliability, service costs, model variants, etc, if possible.

I'm looking to spend around 12k max so assuming I'll get something with around 50k miles or there abouts with a bit of luck,



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I don't suppose you are vat Registered? You should be able to pick up the dmax rather than the rodeo .

One on auto trader at the moment for 12k and it doesn't say +vat. , has high mileage but still has 3 years/30,000 miles warranty. Worth a look.

I had the rodeo and a ranger , rodeo was a far better pickup allround especially MPG . Mine was the 3ltr.

I am on the dmax now.

Rodeo 34 MPG on a run , Ranger was maxing out around 27 MPG.
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last two pick ups have been Isuzu (latest is the bog standard '08 rodeo now with 105K on it). Been used in forestry towing most days inc off road. Neither have given any trouble, just regular servicing. Various mates went with fords, most have been poor on fuel, regular repairs required (one handed his two trucks back after 3 clutches in two months and a fight to get them replaced).
Don't have any experience of latest of either, but it would have to be a strong argument to get me away from Isuzu for my next one.


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Father in law had the Rodeo,quality truck 30mpg ,room for the world n his dog and only costs were servicing no mechanical issues ,only age sold it on as he,s 89 now .


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Thanks guys I haven't had a look around either yet but my head had already started to say isuzu. Not vat registered i'm afraid and I think low mileage dmax will be too pricey unfortunately,



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One variant to avoid is any of those with 'special edition' body trim. A friend had one which was clipped by a truck and it was impossible to get the fancy trimmed bodywork...get a main stream model.

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I have a d max. The only problem i find is to have work done at a dealer is difficult as there are not many about and i had to wait 3 weeks for it to have an overheating fault looked at!

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2p worth I had rangers inc the wild track 3lt very happy with it but would say if you can get one then the Rodeo's ride and brakes are far better :tiphat: