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Here`s a lttle story of something that happened last week.

One night last week when i was getting ready to go to work on the night shift i went into the pantry to get my work bag for my sandwiches.
After me going in, the wife went in after and closed the door which just closes onto a magnet. Upon closing it, she went, oooohhh, "there`s a frog on the floor", i turned round to see what she was talking about and looked closer to see that it was a bat. I picked the thing up and it was still moving about a bit, but i have to say it didn`t look too well. I put the lack of movement down to them being nocturnal and maybe in a semi conscious state during daytime. With this in mind i put it into a box and took it up to my workshop and hoped it would come round for when i got back in the morning. Unfortunately the poor little mite had died :cry: .

It was a piperstrel, and a lovely little thing it was too.
The next night i took it to work, a bit like a show and tell at school, really because it`s not the kind of thing you see that close on an everyday basis.

Now, i know bats are protected, but what coud chap do when this thing dropped out of the pantry ceiling where the wires come through to the fuse board.
I thought i would share this story and ask if anyone else has had dealings with bats.
If you wanted, i could put a picture on, but i will only do it if people want me to.


Andy L

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When we were painting the hall last year, I took down the loft hatch to give it a coat of paint. That night a squadron (well 5) of bats poured out of the loft through the hatch and spun around to house for about ten minutes. 3 then shot back up the loft hatch and the other 2 went out of one of the windows that we had opened. Quite amazing and we obviously have quite a few living in the attic.


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basil said:
How did it get there without you knowing?

I reckon that they get under the soffits and into the attic and it somehow come down the channel of cables into the pantry maybe by the draught that was caused by closing the door. I do have access into the attic but have never seen them swinging from the rafters :eek: . Maybe it wasn`t well in the first place, but i was thinking that we had trapped it when the door had clappered up. :confused: We do watch them from the patio hunting and have sometimes wondered where they go to roost.


Pete E

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Just a word of warning about sick bats and rabies...

Bats in this country have been found to be carrying a specific type off rabies.
In fact several years ago, a gentleman involved in bat rescue work was bitten by a bat he was handling and he subsequently contracted Rabies and died.

How wide spread the disease is within the British bat population is not known, but I think there has been at least two or three confirmed cases although I know of only the one human case mentioned above..

Bats are fascinating creatures but I'd certainly be wary of handling a sick one with out a decent pair of gloves..




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Thanks for the word of warning pete, point taken.

In fact i have felt a lttile bit unwell of late and have put it down to a recurring chest infection that keeps on coming now and again.
But i have noticed something else, when i looked in the mirror this morning, my fangs were protruding out and the wife had these mysterious marks on her neck. :eek: .

Just a bit of fun pete, but you are right you have to be careful with em.


Wobbly Harry

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I've come across bats in houses a few times.I know theres hell up if they're disturbed, you have English nature all over the place putting up notices in your attic threatening to jail you if you mess about with them. They like roosting in the wall cavities in the winter & once you get them you seem to be stuck with them. Nice to see them though.

Andy L

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I think that the main concern with having bats in your belfry are that other rodents can get in the same hole. I do not think that bats do any damage as such (although a bit of crap maybe!) although having english nature crawling around your house does not sound much fun!!
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