Items won on the march and shoot auction

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I have been absolutely amazed by the generosity of my hosts on two items I bid for and won.
Mr. and Mrs GYR showed me a wonderful weekend.

"A day flying Goshawks with a light lunch".

What was not mentioned in the advert was the fly fishing for brown trout, lamping bunnies and foxes, full board accomodation, flight of Hector the Gyr x Barbary falcon after partridge as well as the agreed Goshawks after rabbits. The light lunch took two big guys to lift it, and to cap it all Gyr kindly set fire to himself with a Kelly kettle just for our entertainment, what a guy :lol: :lol: And that boy sure can dance when his leg is ablaze :lol: :lol:

Last Saturday I met Blaser 3006. You can imagine how worried I was meeting a guy with such a strange taste in rifles ;) .

I was expecting.- "A morning stalk on roe bucks."

Within ten minutes I had two munties in the bag, not my best shots ever, but they required a quick shot as anyone who shoots them will know. They look very small at sixty yards, :eek: especially when you have stupidly left your scope set at only 3x mag :oops: .
We saw three roe does, one no more than 10 yards away, but no bucks showed themselves. Blaser was a top stalking guide with intimate knowledge of the ground. Calm and unhurried in the stalk, but good and jovial company when the pressure was off.

I thanked him for a most enjoyable morning, and have been told to come again next year for my buck.
A totaly spontaneous offer, what a suprise! As far as our "arrangement" was concerned he had delivered his side already, but a very decent offer from a top guy on this site.

If you didn't bid this year, I hope this will encourage you to do so next time. Both hosts far exceeded their offers, and I will certainly bid for their lots again if I see their name on it.

Thanks to Blaser and Mr & Mrs Gyr, you are a credit to this site and to country sports as a whole.



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Glad you had a good trip with Gerry (Blaser 3006)
Funnily enough I have known him from outside stalking due to the fact he works with my sister-in-law and when he does the odd clay shoot.
Good bloke.
All the best


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Glad you enjoyed your time with Mr and Mrs GYR, I've met them both and they made me feel very welcome indeed.

Also pleased to hear that you enjoyed your time with Blaser 3006, I have not met him but have talked on the phone.

Well done to everyone involved.



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tartinjock said:
Glad you enjoyed your time with Mr and Mrs GYR, I've met them both and they're mad me feel very welcome indeed.


Hi TJ,
Funny how we formed the same opinion about the Gyr's.
I must correct you on your punctuation and gramma though, it should have read;-

Glad you enjoyed your time with Mr and Mrs Gyr,I've met them both and they're mad.

I felt very welcome indeed. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Sorry TJ, just couldn't resist, and you are right about them.


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Thankyou for your kind words chaps.
Mark,what do you mean we are mad? I thought we were pretty "normal" :lol:

How are you Stu?

All the best,
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