It's always worth a look.


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I was in my reloading room Friday night and was prepping some 6.5 Grendel cases I'd ultrasonic cleaned and resized. These were from some Hornady "Black" target ammunition I'd shot in my CZ. One primer flash hole didn't look 'clean' so I shined a light into the case and saw some irregularity around the flash hole. I stuck my Lyman flash hole deburring tool in the case mouth to see what was in the hole. Much to my surprise, the cutter was bumping over something hard so I leaned into it and gave it a twist. Out came some brass shavings. I set the stop on the tool and then deburred all 40 cases obtaining a sizeable pile of brass shavings. I hate these punch burrs and for some reason, had assumed that they wouldn't be present in this grade of ammunition. Live and learn. It's always worth a look down inside a case to see if there is anything inside -whether it be burrs or a bit of cleaning media.~Muir